Century Martial Arts

The worlds leading equipment supplier of martial arts, boxing and kickboxing equipment

Century Martial Arts

Century is the world’s leading supplier of martial arts training gear including all equipment for boxing and kickboxing classes like freestanding bags (we invented), heavy bags, gloves, hand wraps and mitts. We also offer fitness accessories like bands, balls, ropes, plyo boxes and more. We have always believed in sharing the life-changing benefits of martial arts – and one of those benefits is health! As more and more fitness gyms started to incorporate martial arts-oriented training, we realized we had a new opportunity to help. To date, we’ve worked with thousands of clubs, gyms, studios and franchises across the country, providing them with the very best in commercial-grade kickboxing and boxing equipment.

Century’s wholesale program is designed to offer more than just equipment at a discounted price. This program was constructed to help you as the gym/studio owner, program director, or equipment dealer take all the guesswork out of selecting the best equipment for your space or clients.

If your goal is to start a profitable program with the lowest investment possible or you are looking to resell high-quality equipment to add revenue to your bottom line, we have created this wholesale program specifically for you!