Heart Zones, Inc.

an innovative technology, education, and training company dedicated to getting America fit

Heart Zones, Inc.

Heart Zones®¸ is an innovative fitness technology company that develops hardware, software, wearables along with robust content, workshops and other educational events, and club programs.  The company is the original developer of heart rate training for health clubs, schools, corporate wellness, and healthcare. For the past 30 years and continuing today, the Heart Zones mission is to get America fit.

Heart Zones manufactures and develops its branded line of armband heart rate sensors and step sensors. Heart Zones targets a wide spectrum of end users, from competitive athletes to the everyday health-seekers. The Heart Zones System is a group fitness technology designed to motivate users to get fit using wearable sensors, real-time data feedback, and custom reporting and assessment to tailor programs specifically to the needs of each individual. Heart Zones holds the only federal patent on cardiovascular training methodology which is embedded into the Heart Zones System technology.

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, Heart Zones is directed by a dedicated team of veteran professionals led by founder, author, Hall of Fame triathlete, and wearable technology expert Sally Edwards, MA, MBA.

THE FULL STORY. In America and in the greater Sacramento area, Sally Edwards is a name that has become synonymous with the term entrepreneur. As a pioneer for women in both the sporting and business world, Sally has always seemed to find herself on the forefront of change and innovation that paves the way for years to come. As we near the midway point of 2016, Sally and her team at Heart Zones, Inc find themselves once again, on the cusp of creating a new movement to change America through entrepreneurship.

Heart Zones, Inc is yet another company founded by Sally Edwards and based out of Sacramento, California. The company spent the better part of 20 years focused on developing fitness training methodology, technology and certifications with the goal of “Getting America Fit”. From 1990-2013, Sally used that program, Heart Zones Training, to help hundreds of thousands of women train for their first or umpteenth triathlon as the National Spokeswoman for the Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series. During those 22 years she worked as a professional triathlete for Danskin, she traveled as a coach and motivational speaker around the world, and at that time, admittedly, Heart Zones, Inc was only one of many things that she was working on during that time. That all changed however in 2015 when Edwards decided it was time for a transformation. Enter, the Heart Zones System, both a product and a movement.

For years Sally utilized fitness data, in particular heart rate data, to guide her training regimens as a professional runner and triathlete. This approach helped propel her to great achievement such as her Masters World Record in the Ironman Triathlon distance in 1987. Now, three decades later, Sally is at it again. Along with a team of great minds and hearts at Heart Zones, Inc, she has developed the Heart Zones System. The Heart Zones System is a tool for motivation, engagement and assessment using wearable technology that empowers users to tailor their training much like Sally did, but this time, in both an individual and a group setting. This “hero product”, as referred to by Edwards, is used for different kinds of solutions including school physical education, health clubs, cycling studios, healthcare facilities and bike shops. The system runs off of a simple easy to use mobile application that displays real-time data from users’ wearable fitness devices. And the results are that participants are more engaged and motivated to move following a scientific approach to health, fitness, and wellness.

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