We offer six standard product lines of Plastic Laminate and Wood Lockers. They are known as 1) Image 1000 Economy Grade Melamine Laminated Lockers; 2) Most popular Ideal 1000 & 2000 Furniture Grade Plastic Laminate Lockers; 3) The Med-X 1000 & 2000 Series Water Resistant Lockers; 4) Epicenter 1000 & 2000 Series Athletic Lockers; 5) Secura 1000 Series Coin Collection Lockers; and 6) Our ultra elegant Imperial 1000 & 2000 Series Natural Wood Lockers. * Ideal offers a vast array of security choices ranging from standard keyed locks to digital access controls. Click here for more details. * Ideal is currently the only manufacturer on the market offering a Class I-A Fire-Retardant plastic laminated locker, which is not only economical, but durable, and aesthetically appealing. Call us for more details. * Ideal is capable of meeting the LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction and Major Renovations. Click here for more details.

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