Marpo Kinetics is the industry leader in rope training exercise equipment. Marpo Rope Trainers deliver unparalleled cardio and strength conditioning with versatility and an intense training experience. ATTRACT NEW MEMBERS AND IMPROVE RETENTION Attract new members by offering a new and unique workout. Appeal to athletes who value upper-body strength and endurance but see the disadvantages of hand cranks and hand cycles. Increase satisfaction and enthusiasm for maintaining membership by diversifying members experience with new and fun rope training exercises. Boost motivation and lower attrition by helping members get the most out of their time at the club through a complete and fast upper-body workout through our rope exercise machines. INCREASE EQUIPMENT AVAILABILITY Our continuous rope pulling machines provide complete upper-body cardio or strength workouts in 5-10 minutes, so users can get an effective exercise 3-5 times faster than using separate cardio and strength routines like hand cranks or upper body cycles. Our revolving rope pulling machines enable anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, to benefit from rope training or climbing exercises. It is a comfortable, safe and worry-free alternative to ceiling rope. MAXIMIZE FLOOR SPACE UTILIZATION Our rope trainers' compact footprints enable them to easily fit into small spaces, allowing you to make the most out of your facility's floor space. By combining a strength and cardio workout in one machine, rope pulling machines help eliminate the need for separate machines used to exercise different muscle groups like hand cranks, hand cycles, free weights, and strength machines.