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  • How to Hire & Retain a Superstar Health Club Staff

    Learn hiring and onboarding best practices that will give you an edge in reducing attrition, improving retention, and increasing sales and non-dues revenue. The e-book includes: Introduction: Your People Are Your Brand Part 1: Hiring & Onboarding: Instilling Culture, Teamwork, & a Shared Mission Part 2: Turning Passion into Profit: Creating a Successful Team of Personal Trainers & Coaches Conclusion: Keeping a Great Team Together More »

    How to Hire & Retain a Superstar Hea...
  • How to Maximize Your Gym’s Data Strategy for Sales & Retention

    Data has now surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource. Here's how you can make the most of it. The e-book includes: Introduction: When Data Talks, What Do You Hear? Part 1: Understanding Psychographics: Data that Influences Behavior & Habits Part 2: CRM, Biometrics, & Surveys: Making Sense (& Cents) of Member Data Conclusion: It’s More Than a Numbers Game More »

    How to Maximize Your Gym’s Data Strate...
  • Turn Your Health Club Into a Smart Gym

    It is no longer enough to solely be a brick-and-mortar business. Learn how connected equipment, virtual fitness, and artificial intelligence could transform your gym. More »

    Turn Your Health Club Into a Smart Gym
  • Maximize Your Gym's Small Group Training Revenue

    This e-book will guide you through strategies to use small group training as a revenue driver and retention tool. More »

    Maximize Your Gym's Small Group Training...
  • The Secrets of Health Club Financing: A Starter Kit

    Lock down the business side of your operations. This starter kit will guide you through determining your finance strategy, business model, KPIs, and more. More »

    The Secrets of Health Club Financing: A...
  • A Guide to Building a Successful Health Club Brand

    Today’s consumer is looking to spend on a brand that reflects their beliefs and values. This e-book will give you the foundation to create a successful branding strategy. More »

    A Guide to Building a Successful Health...
  • Built for Success: How to Maximize Your Health Club's Design

    Learn how to navigate through the many elements of health club design. More »

    Built for Success: How to Maximize Your...
  • The Definitive Health Club Member Retention Toolkit

    Everything you need to know about engaging and retaining members at your club. aining new members is often the top priority for health clubs, as it should be—growth is critical for any successful business. However, having a narrow focus on recruitment tends to distract from keeping those hard-earned new members happy and engaged. And when members don’t feel taken care of, a disconnect between brand expectations and brand experience forms, and, ultimately, retention suffers. This toolkit is designed to help you create a strategy to keep members active and engaged in your club from the day they join and for years to come. It include... More »

    The Definitive Health Club Member Retent...
  • Group Exercise Training: How to Create a Program That Works for Your Club

    Learn how a solid group X program will engage and attract members, empower staff, and drive revenue for your club. More »

    Group Exercise Training: How to Create a...
  • Making Social Media Work for Your Health Club

    Learn how to create a social media strategy that will reach the audience that you want and turn them into brand advocates for your club. More »

    Making Social Media Work for Your Health...
  • How to Run Effective Corporate Wellness Programs

    Gain an understanding of some of the corporate wellness programs health clubs are offering and find out how you can build a successful corporate wellness strategy for your club. More »

    How to Run Effective Corporate Wellness...
  • The Customer-first Theory behind the Orange

    Orangetheory has implemented meticulously monitored metrics, rigorous service standards, and consistent accountability over the years to ensure customers continue to sing its praises en masse. More »

    The Customer-first Theory behind the Ora...
  • Creating the Perfect Locker Room for Your Health Club

    Learn how to manage your locker room in the most effective way for your health club and its bottom line. Your locker room must live up to your members' standards—and research has proven that locker room design, cleanliness, and security are factors in member retention. Make sure your locker room experience is impressing your members, in addition to safeguarding their belongings and their privacy. More »

    Creating the Perfect Locker Room for You...
  • Buying Exercise Equipment for Your Health Club

    Solidify Your Equipment Purchasing Strategy Learn how to make the best equipment purchasing decisions for your health club and its bottom line. Your club's identity and path to success are represented in the equipment on your fitness floor. Make sure you are making the most informed purchasing decisions to acheive the ROI you expect. More »

    Buying Exercise Equipment for Your Healt...
  • Streamline Your Strategic Plan

    Few businesses have historically faced as many rapid ongoing market changes as the fitness industry, and it’s the clubs and gyms that have to weather them all. The 21st century has been ripe with fitness fads and trends that health clubs have had to absorb, such as functional fitness, wearables, and boutique studios including yoga, spin, and Pilates. These challenges aren’t easily baked into an evergreen five-year strategic plan for traditional small business. Health club owners, whether managing a standalone club or a group of facilities, have to contend with a wide set of variables out of their control, making a solid strategic... More »

    Streamline Your Strategic Plan
  • Talent Acquisition 101: A Hiring Guide for Health Clubs

    Learn how to hire and keep superstar employees at your club. Hiring health club staff is one of the most important decisions you make. The people you choose to represent your brand and execute your business plan can make or break your club, especially if you have a smaller facility of only 10-20 employees. Whether you use recruiters or advertise directly to job sites, you still need to know what questions to ask and the red flags to look for when appraising a candidate. This e-book will give you some tools and strategies to help you sort through the resumes and interviews to find the best people for your club. You also need to establish your... More »

    Talent Acquisition 101: A Hiring Guide f...
  • Maximize Your Revenue with These Powerful Retention Tactics

    For health club owners, discovering the formula for keeping a member happy and committed is a familiar and vexing problem, mainly because many factors related to attrition are out of the club’s control (e.g., market forces, economic conditions, disruptions from emerging trends, demographic shifts). This is why maximizing your existing resources to limit attrition and increase retention are crucial for the success of any club, whether independent or one of a large chain. You’re probably aware of the numbers. The average health club has an annual attrition rate of 28.6%, according to IHRSA’s Profiles of Success. That’s a... More »

    Maximize Your Revenue with These Powerfu...
  • IHRSA’s Member Retention Tune-up Checklist

    A research-based checklist to help you spruce up your member retention strategy. High member retention is a critical element of any successful health club business, but it’s easy to become complacent and put your retention strategy on the back burner as you get dragged into day-to- day issues. What’s more, improving your member retention can feel like a massive undertaking. But remember, doing something—anything—to try to retain members is better than doing nothing. This checklist, filled with findings from several IHRSA Retention Reports, is designed to help you give your member retention strategy the tune-up it deser... More »

    IHRSA’s Member Retention Tune-up Check...
  • IHRSA’s Guide to the Boutique Studio Phenomenon

    Learn how to maximize club revenue by leveraging the growth of the studio segment. Boutique studios—offering everything from cycling, yoga, Pilates, and personal training, to boxing, CrossFit, and functional training—now constitute 42% of the U.S. club market, according to a CBS News report. That’s double what it was in 2014. There are a number of reasons boutique fitness studios are hot right now—they’re social, they’re trendy, and they help members achieve fast results. The rapid growth of boutiques has changed the landscape of the fitness industry, causing concern among health club owners and operators.... More »

    IHRSA’s Guide to the Boutique Studio P...
  • Wearable Integration 101

    Thanks to the technology revolution, mobile devices known as “wearables” are able to measure a wide array of biological details, while providing a tally of our daily activities. While heart-rate monitors and pedometers have been on the market for years, these new fitness trackers and wearables (known as Wearables 2.0) measure personal health markers with technology that was once available only to high-end laboratories and hospitals. While the growth of wearable fitness tech seems certain, strategies on implementing these devices to augment the health club experience are far less clear. Consumers, particularly millennials, are sele... More »

    Wearable Integration 101
  • Wearable Integration 102

    When creating a strategy for wearable fitness devices, flexibility is important. Tastes change, and today’s ubiquitous accessory may be tomorrow’s discard (remember the Blackberry?). While those who study the market for fitness wearables are expecting an increase in unit sales in the future, the type of wearable that your club members favor may not be a wrist band or smart watch but a device embedded in clothing. Health club owners need to stay nimble to be able to find ways to integrate club services with these valuable feedback tools in whatever form they take. This e-book—a follow-up to “Wearable Integration 101&rdq... More »

    Wearable Integration 102
  • 5 Ways to Measure and Grow Member Engagement

    An engaged member formula can be defined as: ––– Regularly participating in a club’s activities ––– plus ––– Social reinforcement by engaging in the community of the club ––– plus ––– Making additional purchases like premium group exercise programs, and more. More »

    5 Ways to Measure and Grow Member Engage...