Using the latest interactive fitness technologies, the Expresso interactive system offer fun and challenges to exercisers by replacing boredom with exciting competitions that make the time fly. Riders select from 30+ tours, rated basic to extreme, or play a fantasy-world game. They use handlebars to steer and shift to chase targets and change resistance along to the mesmorizing terrain. They enjoy virtual outdoor feelings while benefitting from your facility's indoor exercising amenities. Riders are challenged by virtual riders, a customizable pacer, their own past performance or other Expresso riders (real people!) on the same tour, making exercise exciting and efficient. Graphical presentations of real-time and historical workout performance keep them motivated and want to come back. Expresso.net Internet portal enables riders to check out their own achievements and improvement as well as their competitors, share their experiences and opinions with fellow riders, forming a community. Youth Bikes are also available to engage teens with fun exercise. Interactive fitness experiences on the Expresso system have been realized by integration of the advanced cardio system, computer gaming, client-server computer systems and Internet technologies. Interactive Fitness Holdings is committed to bring fitness into the 21st century by offering a new genre of intreactive fitness system that started to becom a conduit for strong fitness communities and enabling fitness facilities to keep members engaged and motivated.

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