FOREMAN® is bringing technological innovation to the US locker marketplace. FOREMAN® Locker Systems are a new generation of lockers made in the USA of solid phenolic panels on an extruded aircraft-aluminum frame. HPL Phenolic is an acknowledged durable, waterproof & damage resistant material that is perfect for lockers. It comes in a large assortment of colors, wood grains & patterns but maintains a "new" look far longer than conventional materials, ensuring your long-term investment. The integrated, anti-theft hinges protect your members valuables while being maintenance and "worry"-free for the Operator. The hinges are so reliable they are supported with a lifetime warranty. The unique construction engineering and modular construction are what keep the lockers affordable. FOREMAN® also manufactures long-wearing and sturdy, phenolic benches to match their lockers. FOREMAN® Locker Systems: the new standard in durability, security and design. Learn more at www.foremanlockers.com