Ojmar has a long history of High Quality manufacturing and innovation. Our range of locks for leisure has become the standard for many countries throughout Europe and the world. We have expanded our range from traditional coin locks to the Multifunction options offering a revenue collection along with the deposit function which stops personalization of lockers. The new innovative card lock option also allows for members to use the lockers free of charge whilst still collecting revenue from one off users. The OTS stand alone RFID system is in use in over 400 sites worldwide and offers a proven solution for public and private clubs. The simple easy to use and operate RFID locks can be integrated with management software and several cardio suites as well as cashless payments and access control. Small deposits taken on wristbands can also provide funding for new changing facilities and maintenance thereafter. We are also pleased to introduce our new digital lock, OCS Touch Lock. Designed with the rigors of wet environments in mind, the OCS Touch Lock offers simple intuitive use with a high water resistance needed in poolside changing areas. A deposit option removes the chance of lockers being personalized. Whatever the requirements of the leisure centre spa or health club, Ojmar has the perfect lock to fit any requirement or budget and can be used on all types of locker . Our partners offer various plans to make the most of the revenue potential of our electronic, twin coin and code locks. For security simple operation and peace of mind. Flexibility, high customer service standard, market oriented portfolio solution and cost effectiveness are the foundations of our company. 

Web Site: www.ojmar.com